Tayleh Soames

Law Graduate

As a new law graduate, Tayleh brings four years of legal work experience and a fresh perspective to client needs, fully supporting the team and advancing her interests in family and estate law. Skilled in Family Law, legal research, liaising with clients and a keen interest in Estate Law, Tayleh is a wonderful asset to our team.

Meet Tayleh

Having finished my Law Degree, and with four years paralegal experience and my Justice of the Peace qualification, I am excited to start my career as a solicitor. I look forward to my future legal development and helping clients resolve their legal problems. Assisting with first drafts of Affidavits, Legal Aid family law matters and note taking in Family Law and Estate trial work, I am incredibly passionate to listen to our clients’ concerns, develop my skills to advocate for our clients rights and protect our clients interests.

Professional Qualifications

Justice of the Peace

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

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